Dagwood Media


Dagwood Media™ is an exciting product that allows our customers to have their latest promotions sent to all their store’s instantaneously.

Each Dagwood Media™ is linked to our system that allows us to instantly interact with it and send it the latest advertisement of your choice.

This allows for example a chain store of quick stores to have weekly specials sent to all stores at the same time. Being a specified date that a special starts.

Our product covers a diverse field of clients. Not just a specified industry.

From Petroleum to Pharmaceutical industries benefit from our product.

 Dagwood Media™ device is compact and low power consumption, light weight and very conveniently

Sized to not take up much space.

Auto reboot facility – should the power fluctuate. The device is auto restart and very fast.


Adverts : the duration of an advert to be displayed can be set to change to the next advert at the clients specifications. This allows the system to handle multiple advert simultaneously.

Thus allowing the client a diverse range of products on special.