System Preview

System Preview

Dagwood TV

Dagwood TV - Live Streaming & Media Control Unit


The world doesn’t need yet another Media Centre – it needs a new way of experiencing Tv. That’s why Dagwood was born. We want to challenge the dominant perceptions. We want to create a free entertainment platform for ideas, opportunities and openness. Open Dagwood, a new way of experiencing Tv.

What does it Do?
The Dagwood allows you to access all your favourite TV Series and Movies Free of charge.
Pick up right where you left off every time.

The Dagwood lets you keep up to date with the U.S. “We call this Express From The U.S.”
Within 24 Hours from the U.S. you’ll be able to watch all your primetime Tv Series.

We are unalike our Competitors!
Watch the latest Season or Movie within 24 hours of Airing.
Don’t have Fiber speed just as yet!

“Still running on your Aunties 1 Megabyte ADSL Line”

No Worries
With the Dagwood your able to Download your Tv Series and Movies to an external Device e.g ‘USB Hard Drive, or Usb’

With super fast compression rates!
Press Download/Record

“wait 5 minutes, less than an advert on local Tv.”

AND Start playing at 10% Already

4K,3D,1080p,720p,540p and 480p Quality.

Pick up The Local Rugby,Cricket and International Games In 4K Resolution.

The Dagwood is 3D Ready, Plug and Play.